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Replacement toe ramps/ gas pedals


If you are looking for new gas pedals (or toe ramps) for your snowboard bindings, we have redesigned them and made them available for everybody!!

They probably broke off or already got lost. It happened to us too and we decided to redesign them for ourselves but after seeing the interest in our country we decided to offer them to more people. And here we are, selling to all of you who don't feel like throwing a perfectly good binding away. Go Recycling! Go Sports and fun without limits!

The models we are offering now are: Lexa


P1 Carbon


Mission M

Mission L & LW

Mission SI

Custom L

Cartel L

After printing for so many people and doing so much research (look at the photo's) we have changed the materials, adapted and optimised the design.

They all will click better, be stiffer, have good tolerances and give your binding the extra lifetime it deserves. It is so much more than just 3D printing!

However! It is still important for you to tell us what model binding and what size you have. After that we will proceed to check the dimensions in order to be absolutely sure that it will fit. There are many different versions of the same model and this has a direct effect on whether or not the part will fit and behave!

If you are not sure don't worry, send us a message and we'll check it out together. If for whatever reason the part doesn't fit or there are any complication or complaint, just send us a message and we will work on it. Remember this is a ongoing product development project.The main idea here is for you to keep enjoying your binding for an affordable price.

And that's it! Hope to talk to you soon and keep on shredding!

We deliverd

3D printed parts made of engineering grade Petg material that fit well on different Burton bindings.

We use 3D scanning and 3D Cad to reconstruct the parts.

We adapted the design in order to make it 3d printer ready.

We have done many tests with different materials and different cases to find a product that can keep up with the job.
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