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3D Printen dienst

3D Printing service

There are different 3d printing technologies and each one of them has it's own advantage and disadvantages. The important thing is to choose the right one for your needs. At Skilled-Brains I use Industrial FDM and SLA printers, but also simpler 3d printers for the easy jobs. Pricing depends on the part and the 3d print technology. Send your part for a quotation.

Have a printer that best matches the customers needs. Vshaper, Formlabs, Prusa's, Creality CR10 and CR10S4

FDM: PLA, ABS, PET-G, (others upon request) SLA: Engineering Resins, General purpose resins (others upon request)

- Sanding - Gluing - Priming and painting - Inserts and tapping

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3d printing techniques

What are the differences between techniques that we offer

We believe these techniques cover most rapid prototyping and manufacturing needs.

The most affordable and diverse option


FDM is easily the better known 3d printing technique out there. It became well known with the reprap in 2004 but in reality it has been out there since 1981.
For fast price calculations go to the 3D model calculator.

The smoothest option


If you are looking for production grade prototypes or even manufacturing in smal batches, the SLA technology is for you.
The difference with FDM printing is that SLA printing done by curing resin layer by layer resulting in a part that is almost Isotropic. This means that 3d prints look just like real production models and have often similar properties too.

Industrial grade materials

Industrial FDM

This printing for the big leagues. Industrial printers are capable of printing industrial grade materials like PEEK and are usually used for the manufacturing of precision parts like tooling, molds and housing for different high-end markets.

Laser cutter engraving details from veneer wood
Other rapid prototyping technologies

CNC and laser cutting

While CNC cutting doesn't strictly belong to the 3d printing technologies it certainly does belong to rapid prototyping and manufacturing. With CNC routing it is possible to create beautiful personalised wooden parts.
Laser cutting is also great for creating personalised products offering clients maximum flexibility in low quantity batches.

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