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Why product development consultancy matters?

Developing a product takes a lot of time, effort and sources. That is why you want to be as efficient and effective as possible. Minimizing time to market should be top priority.

I created a product development strategy, based on lean six sigma, that makes it possible to easily track each step of the process, assuring consistency and control through out the whole process.

Offer fast, efficient, effective and extremely flexible product development trajectory.

This is always negotiated with the customer.

Wonder how this would work for your ideas? Send us a message.

    The Process

    How we the Mookl product development strategy works

    Before and after each step there is a threshold meeting to define objectives and assess the results. By doing so it is possible to minimize problems in the future.

    the 6 step process

    Start phase

    Usually the kick-off meeting of a project. The client explains what he/she is looking for and the deliverables are a document that summerizes the objectives and a planning.

    design process analysis phase
    the 6 step process

    Analysis phase

    This is where we start diving into the clients wishes. See what is feasible and what isn't.
    The deliverables are usually a Programme of Requirements. Some early sketches are also possible in this phase.

    design process sketch phase
    the 6 step process

    Sketch phase

    The sketch phase is where the design process really starts. Proof of principles, different concepts, sketched or designed in 3d Cad. This is the phase where the idea takes it's shape. At the end of this phase there is what we call a design freeze. This means that in principle the design idea is fixed and that from now on we are only going to focus on making the concept production ready.

    design process concept phase
    the 6 step process

    Concept Phase

    This is usually the first engineering phase. The focus is on getting 3d models that can be send to manufacturers. The changes are very technical and the idea is to make the product as efficient as possible ready for the last phase.

    design process detailing phase
    the 6 step process

    Detailing phase

    Experience taught me that even after all the engineering work in the concept phase, the first batch will also have to be adapted. This phase is focused on getting fixing the teething problems.

    design process final product
    the 6 step process

    Final product

    This is the last phase in the process and where the product is finaly released for production. From now on, the focus is on managing the product.

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