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Ontwikkelen en duurzaamheid

Ecologische wegwerp barbecue

Als ontwerper staat het creatieve deel van je hersenen nooit uit. Bij een picnic met vrienden viel het op dat iedereen tegen de huidige wegwerp BBQ's was. Zo is de Mookl ECO BBQ geboren. Een 100% biologisch afbreekbare BBQ die na gebruik zonder enig schuldgevoel weggegooid kan worden.

As a designer your creative brains never sleep. During a picnic with friends it was clear that almost everybody was bothered by the throwaway BBQ. That's how the Mookl ECO BBQ was born. A BBQ that after use can be thrown away without feeling bad, it's 100% biological anyway!

Normal materials, special production process

The product is currently in the testing phase. Patent pending.

Quick 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing, Biodegradable materials.

The concept has been designed from the ground up and is being prepared for production with a manufacturer.

Currently in development.
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